Pence Visit Only Further Highlights Webber Wrong for NJ's Women

Today, the New Jersey Young Democrats Women's Caucus issued the following statement denouncing Assemblyman Jay Webber's acceptance of support from Vice President Mike Pence, on the occasion of the Vice President's fundraising visit to New Jersey on Friday in New Jersey's 11th Congressional District.

"Vice President Mike Pence wants to set New Jersey's women back 100 years. In Indiana, VP Pence was the sponsor of Indiana's 'personhood' legislation, one of the most egregious anti-choice bills in our nation's history. His comparison of abortion to a capital offense on the floor of the House of Representatives proves how out of touch the Pence-Webber team is with New Jersey's women. Why would Jay Webber bring someone with these out of touch values to New Jersey to try to bail out his failing campaign?

"At home, time and again in the State Assembly, Jay Webber has voted against restoring funding for preventative women's health care services. Assemblyman Webber was one of just two legislators to vote against equal pay for women, against initiatives to boost women and minority-owned businesses, and equated the Roe v. Wade decision with a 'culture of death.' Plain and simple, Jay Webber can't be trusted to stand up for New Jersey women.

"The Pence-Webber team won't fight for New Jersey women, which is why we need Mikie Sherrill in Congress  a proven leader who will fight every day for Jersey values in Washington. This election is too important to stand on the sidelines. That's why the New Jersey Young Democrats have and will continue to stand with Mikie Sherrill every single day until she's victorious at the ballot box."
Christina Zuk -- Executive Vice President, New Jersey Young Democrats
Jade Mostyn -- Chair, NJYD Women's Caucus
Mariel DiDato -- Vice Chair, NJYD Women's Caucus + President, Monmouth County Young Democrats
Robyn Gedrich -- Vice Chair, NJYD Women's Caucus + President, Ocean County Young Democrats 
Megan Coyne -- President, New Jersey College Democrats
Katie Rotondi -- President, Sussex County Young Democrats
Jessica Stewart -- Finance Director, New Jersey Young Democrats
Aimee Focaraccio -- National Committeewoman, New Jersey Young Democrats
Kristin Ianco Yaeger -- Secretary, New Jersey Young Democrats

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