Standing with New Jersey Families Instead of Political Bosses

This coming Thursday, the Assembly will vote to override Governor Christie's politically motivated veto of common sense legislation to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. 

This bill, already overridden by the State Senate, would allow police to be notified when a person applies to have a mental health record expunged for the purposes of purchasing a firearm. It doesn't get more common sense than that. Guns in the wrong hands have led to countless deaths in schools and college campuses around our country. 

Despite that, Assembly Republicans have not yet agreed to sign onto the veto override. Instead they continue to stand by Gov. Christie  a man who puts his presidential campaign ahead of the people of New Jersey  instead of New Jersey's families.

One top Assembly Republican even went as far to say that this legislation was an "exceedingly insignificant bill." 

As if their loses on Election Day weren't enough to tell Trenton Republicans how out of touch they are with hard-working New Jersey families, now they're working to tear down this important piece of legislation.

Enough is enough. Call Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick at (908) 232-2073 and tell him to override the veto and stand with the people of New Jersey instead of his out-of-state and out-of-touch political boss. 


Marshall Spevak
New Jersey Young Democrats

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